We are Champlain Cable

America’s premier innovator, designer and manufacturer of high performance wire and cable with a 60-year history of providing solutions to the toughest problems in the world’s most extreme environments. We excel at developing customized products, utilizing our cross-linked irradiation technology, that meet your power, signal and data transmission needs—no matter how demanding the challenge—while exceeding standards for quality, durability and safety.

Our unique wire & cable


Tough enough to survive extreme manufacturing processes such as varnish impregnation bake cycles used in the manufacturing of motors and transformers. EXAR® wires are extremely durable, flexible and help save money by preventing costly rework and scrap.


EXRAD® products by Champlain Cable have been field proven in commercial vehicles and automotive applications over the past 20 years. Our design and development team use state of the art technology to design and make cost effective wire and cable for the commercial vehicle market.


Champlain’s EXRAD® – Rail products are flexible, rugged, highly flame and smoke resistant, and meet rigorous North American and European industry standards.  EXRAD products have successfully served passenger and commercial vehicle markets for over 25 years.


Our irradiation cross-linked compounds are perfectly suited for US Navy Shipboard use and other demanding military applications. DATACLEAR® withstands extreme temperatures and is resistant to harsh chemical and environmental exposure.  Champlain has many MIL-DTL-24643 LSHF Data-Communication QPL items.


DATARAD® is well known as a 125C and 150C rated lead wire for powertrain applications. DATARAD polymers have excellent dielectric properties, yielding a superior high temperature insulation for automotive and commercial vehicle ethernet applications.

Umbilical Cables

Umbilicals International designs and manufactures complex cable and umbilical products for dynamic and harsh environments. High loads and critical communications are our forte. Our products can be designed to suit any application, whether in the sea, on land or in the air. As part of the Champlain Cable Group, we draw on a wealth of expertise and knowledge, resulting in highly efficient, safe and productive solutions.

USFCR Verified Vendor

Champlain Cable is a Verified Vendor for SAM Contracts.

Research, development & solutions

Our research and development department has a global reputation as a leader in developing innovative insulating compounds to solve problems in wire and cable applications in harsh conditions. Our R&D team’s focus is on delivering full satisfaction and cost-effective, cutting-edge solutions.

  • Custom Cable Design: 18 AWG, 2 pair, 125⁰C rated Ethernet Category 5e cable

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  • Champlain Cable's in-house irradiation technology creates wires and cables of superior thermal resistance

    Custom solutions to meet your wire and cable needs

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News from Champlain Cable Corporation

  • Champlain Cable announces the acquisition of Umbilicals International, a Seanamic Group (Aberdeen, Scotland) business and will maintain its headquarters in Stafford, Texas. The company will continue as Umbilicals International and operate out of their facilities in Stafford and Channelview, Texas. Read the press release here.

    Champlain Cable announces the acquisition of Umbilicals International
  • Champlain Cable Corporation, America’s leading developer and producer of wire and cable for extreme conditions and applications, has successfully passed all Navy tests required of NAVSEA’s Quality Product List. Pending NAVSEA’s final approval, Champlain Cable will be listed on the Qualified Product Listing status with the U.S. Navy for their latest secure Data Communication Cable, developed specially for the U.S. Naval Fleet: MIL-DTL 24643C Slant “77” CAT 6A.

    Innovative Navy data communications cable awaits approval from U.S. Navy Award
  • Champlain Cable Corporation received the Deane C. Davis Outstanding Vermont Business of the Year Award on May 21, 2015. Each year, the Vermont Chamber of Commerce and Vermont Business Magazine present the award, named for a prominent former Vermont Governor, to a Vermont company that has met the highest standards of excellence over the past year. Nominated companies must show, among other things, continued growth, creation of a positive work environment for their employees and a commitment of their resources to improving their communities.

    VT Business Award