Cables in action

Committed to providing wire and cable solutions for the toughest problems in the world’s harshest environments.

Commercial Vehicle – EXRAD® FXD resists breaking when flexed many times longer than conventional wires and is used in control sticks for industrial and commercial agricultural equipment.

Commercial Vehicle – EXRAD® 180B prevents hot oil from migrating between insulation and conductor from inside the engine to the PCB in diesel engine applications.

Commercial Vehicle – DATARAD® is a ruggedized Ethernet cable used for high speed data transmission on mining and construction vehicles.

Industrial – EXAR® 150UT insulation is 50% thinner for 150C 600 volts rated wire compared to other XLPE insulations. The EXAR 150UT is used in LED street lamp applications because its thin profile and smooth insulation surface eases installation through narrow openings.

Industrial – EXAR® 150XLE is tough yet very flexible at temperatures as low as -70C. Flexibility at low temperatures allows for continuous movement at very low service temperatures.

Industrial – EXAR® 180 is a 600 volts rated, 180C dry/100C wet rated lead wire that is naturally resistant to UV radiation. it is designed to last many times longer than XLPE lead wires for photovoltaic applications.