We are Champlain Cable

Committed to providing wire and cable solutions for the toughest problems in the world’s harshest environments

Our commitment:

  • Innovative custom solutions
  • Highest quality of products and service
  • Cutting edge science and engineering

Our company

We are Champlain Cable Corporation.

We have been proudly powering our nation for over 65 years, touching millions of lives and transforming nearly every major industry with innovative wire and cable technologies that have become indispensable at every application. We design and manufacture premium-quality wire and cable products with a special focus on developing solutions for use in extreme environmental conditions. Our research and development team has been leading the industry with cutting-edge cross-linked polymer technologies since its inception, continually setting new standards for wire and cable resistance, flexibility and stability.

Over the course of our history, our work has been guided by our core values of curiosity, persistence and ingenuity as well as a deep commitment to quality and to exceeding our customers’ expectations every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our problem-solving approach and proactive attitude; no challenge is too great.

Our history

The seeds for Champlain Cable Corporation were sown in 1955 when brothers Leroy and Wilford Torville and their partner Marshall Moon founded American Super-Temperature Wires, Inc. as a subsidiary to Haveg Industries. The company grew in step alongside the aerospace and military industries and found footing supplying much of the wire innovation required for America’s space exploration in the 1960’s. For example, in 1965 the company opened a new plant in Colchester, VT, with 150 employees working on several NASA contracts, the largest being the wire for the Apollo 8 Space Capsule. In the following decades, the business grew by developing wire innovations for commercial applications, circuit-boards, telecommunication and urban transit cars.

In 1980, Haveg was sold and Hercules renamed the Colchester facility Champlain Cable. The 80’s and 90’s were times of excellent growth, with Champlain pioneering cables for the telephone and automotive industries as well as high-speed data transmission. The 90’s was also an era of great change at the company and by 1999 the company’s focus was on data and communications cable.

Our future

Today, we continue to apply our proactive, forward-thinking approach to the challenges of tomorrow, literally inventing the future in our state-of-the-art research and development department and laboratory. Guided by our core values, our company has shown remarkable resilience by adapting efficiently to the economy’s ever-changing demands. Champlain Cable has thrived – and continues to grow – not by making wire, but by providing solutions to clients and exceeding their expectations every step of the way.