Strategy & solutions

We are your partners in engineering, developing high-value solutions to meet your precise needs.

Our capabilities

Custom design
Materials science & irradiation
Wire & cable manufacturing

Our unique capabilities include custom wire and cable design, materials science, in-house irradiation and manufacturing. Our focus is on quality, performance and reliability. Learn more about the types of problems we are equipped to solve and our approach to customized solutions here.

Champlain Cable wire and cable manufacturing technology

Research & development

Insulation compounds
Polymer science
Cable flexibility

Our team is focused on developing innovative, high-performance, cost-effective solutions that take you where you need to go. Learn more about what our in-house research and development team of scientists and engineers is capable of developing for you.

Champlain Cable's research and development team applies advanced polymer science to solve client problems

Our technology

Irradiation technology
Insulation technology
Proprietary brands

Our cutting-edge technology enables us to produce wire and cable optimized for performance in the world’s most demanding environments, with superior tensile strength, flexibility with exceptional resistance to chemicals, abrasions, fluid and temperature. Learn more about our cable brands EXAR®, EXRAD®, DATARAD® and DATACLEAR® and their unique applications here.

Champlain Cable wire and cable offers solutions for electric and hybrid vehiles

Case studies

Our latest case studies include:

Custom design
Military applications

Our materials scientists, mechanical and electrical engineers excel at innovating creative and sophisticated solutions solutions to clients’ unique challenges—no matter how precise the application. Learn more about how we approach custom work via our case studies here.

Champlain Cable's commercial vehicle wire and cable applications include diesel engines for trucks