Case Studies

Flexible ISO-19642 Battery Cable Development

The challenge: To develop a next-generation 150°C XLPO high-voltage battery cable with ultimate flexibility, robust thermal compression characteristics, ISO-19642 conformance, and the ability to strip cleanly and consistently with no paper separator. Project background: North American vehicle manufacturers were experiencing two issues caused by battery cables that did not possess enough flexibility. First, slow production [...]

Automotive Power Cable Cost and Weight Saving Initiative

The challenge: Provide a meaningful weight, size and cost reduction for cross-linked ISO-6722-1 power cables at a major North American Automotive OEM. Project background: With the growing complexity of automotive power, control and sensor systems on today’s modern vehicles, wire and cable harnesses are the 3rd heaviest and costliest item behind the engine and chassis.  [...]

U.S. Navy specialized Cat 5e Ethernet cable development

The challenge: Create a zero halogenated, low-smoke emission, water-blocked Cat 5e cable for the US Navy fleet. Project background: The U.S. Navy has a long-standing set of requirements that identify wire & cable constructions that can be installed on U.S. Navy ships. Shipboard wire & cable products must meet all requirements set forth by the Navy [...]

Commercial Vehicle Rugged Ethernet

The challenge: Create the first-ever 125°C rated 2-pair Category 5e cable for Commercial Vehicle applications. Project background: Champlain Cable was requested to quote an 18 AWG, 2 pair, 125⁰C rated Ethernet Category 5e cable for a large commercial vehicle manufacturer located in the United States.  Typically, the conductor for Category cables range from 22 – 26 AWG.  [...]