MIL-DTL 24643/75 Serial Bus

Usage—Marine Serial-Bus RS 232/422/485 Systems

Champlain Cable has a long history of success in the development and manufacture of  data communication cables.  We are the first supplier  to be qualified by the US Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) for supply of this M24643/75  12.5-pair cable, and are working on the next generation 25-pair construction variant. With over 10 years of various first-QPL approvals totaling over 30 million  feet of data cables installed on Naval vessels, no one else comes close.  Dataclear® is the brand you can count on for Reliability, Service and Price.

Dataclear® Marine /75 cables are Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) Serial-Bus Data Communications cables to serve the shipboard market. Dataclear® Marine /75 provides two major solutions for shipboard communications:

  1. Replacement of halogenated insulations (PVC, Fluoropolymers) in confined shipboard compartments, thereby eliminating a major source of halogenated toxic and corrosive gases in the event of fire.
  2. Maintains exceptional data communication capabilities in accordance with commercial serial bus protocol standards.
  • High Temperature Rating: 105°C
  • Low Temperature Rating: -40°C
  • Voltage Rating: 300V


Product Number MIL-DTL 24643/75


Pairs Conductor Shield Jacket


Cable OD


M24643/75-01UO LSLCFS-25 12 ½ 24 stranded BC Foil Black 0.490"
M24643/75-02UO LSLCFS-50 25 24 stranded BC Foil Black 0.530”
DC Resistance, max. at 25°C 25.67 Ohms/1000ft
DC Resistance Unbalance, max 5%
Character Impedance @ 1 MHz 100 Ohms ±15%
Mutual Capacitance (max. at 1kHz) 45 pF/m
Voltage Withstand (RMS) Min

Conductor to Conductor

Voltage Withstand (RMS) Min

Conductor to Shield

Single White     N/A
Pair 1 Blue White
Pair 2 Orange White
Pair 3 Green White
Pair 4 Brown White
Pair 5 Gray White
Pair 6 Red Blue
Pair 7 Red Orange
Pair 8 Red Green
Pair 9 Red Brown
Pair 10 Red Gray
Pair 11 Black Blue
Pair 12 Black Orange
      Tensile Strength (lb/in2 min)
          Insulation / Jacket (Un-aged) 700 / 1300 min
          Insulation (Retention after 168hrs at 136°C) 75% min
          Jacket (Retention after 168hrs at 136°C) 60% min
          Insulation / Jacket (Un-aged) 150% / 160% min
          Insulation (Retention after 168hrs at 136°C) 75% min
          Jacket (Retention after 168hrs at 136°C) 60% min
      Cross-link proof test (Jacket, Percent maximum) 50%
      Flame Propagation (Cable) No Failure