EXRAD® 180B ISO Class D Thin Wall BC Anti-Capillary Wire

    Product features:
  • Engine & Transmissions
  • Fluid Blocking / Anti-capillary
  • Bare Copper

EXRAD® 180B is a high performance fluid blocking / anti-capillary wire built to handle the high temperature fluid environments in engines and transmissions.  EXRAD 180B is extremely fluid resistant at temperatures up to 150°C and meets the requirements of ISO 6722-1 150°C thin wall.  It is an irradiation cross-linked fluoropolymer with impressive properties at a lower price. EXRAD 180B has a custom-engineered silicone blocked bare copper conductor to prevent moisture and fluids from wicking through the wiring system.

EXRAD180B processes very well on automated high speed cut and strip equipment. The end result is an automotive anti-capillary wire ideally suited to applications where heat protection, long life and less expensive wiring harnesses are required.  ROHS and CE Compliant.

  • High Temperature Rating: 150°C
  • Low Temperature Rating: -55°C
  • Voltage Rating: 60V
  • Flame Resistance: VW-1
  • Oil Temperature Rating: 130°C
  • Ultraviolet Resistance: Yes
  • Radiation Resistance: No
  • Flexibility Rating: 3
  • Fluid Resistance Rating: 5
  • Cut-Through Resistance Rating: 5








Bare Copper

















EXRAD-180BUW-0.50         0.50mm2 19/.18mm               0.89             0.28       1.5 +/-.1 0.8
EXRAD-180BUW -0.75         0.75mm2 19/.22mm               1.08             0.30       1.8 +/-.1 1.1
EXRAD-180BUW -1.00         1.00mm2 19/.25mm               1.22             0.30       2.0 +/-.1 1.3
EXRAD-180BUW -1.50         1.50mm2 19/.32mm               1.57             0.30       2.3 +/-.1 1.8
ISO 6722-1 Class E Thin Wall Exrad 180B  
Requirement Typical Results (2.5mm2 Sample) Results
5 .7 Insulation Volume Resistivity 109 Ω/mm min. 4.1 x 1013  Ω/mm Pass
5.8 Pressure at High Temperature ‘1.1N@ 175oC no dielectric breakdown No breakdown Pass
5.9 Strip Force / Adhesion Per customer agreement 49N NA
5.10 Low Temperature Winding 3 tns 2.5kg - 40oC no  dielectric breakdown No dielectric breakdown,

No cracking

5.11 Impact 100gm @-40oC no breakdown No breakdown, Pass Sandpaper Abrasion .5kg 250mm min. 790mm Pass Scrape Abrasion Per Customer Agreement 2072 Pass
5.13 Long-Term Heat Aging 175oC 3000 hours No breakdown, no cracks Pass
5.15 Thermal Overload 225oC 6 hours No breakdown, no cracks Pass
5.16 Shrinkage by heat 2mm max. 150oC No shrinkage, Pass
5.17 Fluid Compatibility Gasoline 15% max. 0% Pass
Diesel Fuel 15% max. 0% Pass
Engine Oil 15% max. 0% Pass
Ethanol 15% max. 0% Pass
Power Steering 30% max 0% Pass
Automatic Transmission 25% max 0% Pass
Engine Coolant 15% max 0% Pass
Battery Acid no breakdown No breakdown, Pass
5.19 Ozone Resistance 45oC 85% Relative Humidity, 70 hours, Ozone 50 +/- 5 pphm 1kV 1 min. (no breakdown) No breakdown, Pass
5.20 Resistance to hot water Not less than 105 Ω-mm 1X 1011Ω-mm Pass
5.21 Temperature and Humidity  Cycling 40 x 8 hour cycles -40oC and 125oC 80 -100% relative humidity No dielectric breakdown, No cracking Pass
5.22 Resistance to Flame 70 sec. max. 50mm unburned 8 sec. after burn Pass