Wire & Cable

Our proprietary brands deliver reliable performance, no matter how demanding the environment.

EXAR® Wire & Cable

Tough enough to survive extreme manufacturing processes such as varnish impregnation bake cycles used in the manufacturing of motors and transformers, EXAR® wires are extremely durable, flexible and help save money by preventing costly rework and scrap.

EXRAD® Wire & Cable

EXRAD® products by Champlain Cable have been field proven in automobiles and commercial vehicles over the past 20 years. Our design and development team use state of the art technology to design and make cost effective wire and cable for the automotive and commercial vehicle markets.

DATACLEAR® Wire & Cable

Our irradiation cross-linked compounds are perfectly suited for US Navy Shipboard use and other demanding military applications. DATACLEAR® withstands extreme temperatures and is resistant to harsh chemical and environmental exposure.  Champlain has many MIL-DTL-24643 LSHF Data-Communication QPL items.

DATARAD® Wire & Cable

DATARAD® is well known as a 125C and 150C rated lead wire for powertrain applications. DATARAD polymers have excellent dielectric properties, yielding a superior high temperature insulation for automotive and commercial vehicle ethernet applications.

EXAR® – MARINE MOG Wire & Cable

Champlain’s EXAR® – MARINE MOG products utilize unique material science and irradiation capabilities to bring superior performing products to the Marine Oil and Gas market.

Industry applications

We offer an expansive array of industry applications

Industrial Wire & Cable

Champlain Cable offers many products for industrial applications which include our EXAR® family of insulations. We offer cost effective solutions for problems you may not even know you have, including slow cut/strip and terminating, crowded spaces, difficult routing situations and short flex life.

Commercial Vehicle Wire & Cable

The commercial vehicle market is ideally suited for Champlain Cable products. The expected life of equipment is decades, not years, millions of miles and tens of thousands of hours. The environments are demanding: dirt, heat, cold, fluid, vibration, fuels and ultra violet radiation.

Automotive Wire & Cable

Vehicles electronics and controls are ever-increasing in complexity. Combined with tight spaces, vibrations, extreme temperature variation and hostile fluids, there are a great deal of performance concerns in today’s vehicles. Champlain Cable provides solutions to these tough problems in applications including battery cable, power-train, databus and entertainment systems.

Military Wire & Cable

Champlain Cable Corporation provides unique products developed specifically for special Military Applications. Our extra tough irradiated cross-linked compounds are perfectly suited for harsh military conditions. DATACLEAR® withstands extreme temperatures from the hottest desert to the coldest polar regions. DATACLEAR products are resistant to extreme chemical and environmental exposure including UV, fuels & lubricants.

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Wire & Cable

Throughout the last decade as electrification of vehicles has become standard, Champlain Cable has pioneered cable designs to fulfill ever demanding requirements. We have become the cable manufacturer of choice for the largest volume of electric cars produced in North America.

Marine Oil & Gas Wire & Cable

EXAR® – Marine materials are ideal for the rigors of a MOG environment.  Tough, Oil resistant and Thermally robust, our Irradiation cross-linked polyolefin materials bring fresh technology to this established market.