Champlain Cable Corporation celebrated their latest U.S. Patent approval last week with a ceremony at the Vermont headquarters to mark the occasion.

The patent covers the design of a flexibility testing apparatus for insulated wire and cable.  The idea was born from a European wire specification that described a wire flexing requirement, but did not describe the apparatus to test the wire.  The test was not able to be completed on commercially available equipment, so Champlain Applications Test Engineer Doug Cutler invented the flex testing apparatus.

Of this latest patent Bill Reichert, President of Champlain Cable said, “I am very proud of Doug and the work he does. Innovation is critical in our markets and for our customers. Inventions like the one Doug developed demonstrate our value added strategy. Doug’s work is exemplary of our engineering capability and commitment to solving customer and industry problems.”

Mike Williams, Vice President of Engineering commented, “We are very proud of Doug.  With his usual ingenuity, Doug designed and fabricated a complex wire flexibility test machine to address a critical customer need.  Gaining a Patent Grant is icing on the cake.”

Pictured (left to right): Mike Williams, VP Engineering; Doug Cutler, Applications Test Engineer; and Tariq Quadir PhD, R&D Senior Scientist.

This is the 25th US patent for Champlain Cable over a span of three decades.  Champlain has two additional patents currently pending.