Champlain Cable Corporation & Umbilicals International Enter the Movable Bridge Cable Market

Arkansas River Lift Bridge – Emergency Repair

Champlain Cable Corporation (CCC) and its wholly owned subsidiary, Umbilicals International (UI) recently secured an order from Wholesale Electric to supply replacement cables as part of the Arkansas River Lift Bridge-AMRR (Arkansas & Missouri Railroad) Emergency Repair Project. The reason for the emergency repairs was due to a lift structure that became stuck in a partially lifted and skewed position. Temporary repairs were made on this 2,153 ft. total span Rail Bridge (1 track) of which approximately 400 ft. will require replacement cables. In 2015/2016 with the Coast Guard’s approval and stabilization of the lifted structure secured, a channel relocation was made so that both Rail and Water traffic could resume in 2017. The long-term repair was delayed due to the Pandemic and is now considered an emergency project by all participating state, federal and private vested organizations.
Champlain Cable with Umbilicals International introduced itself to this targeted Moveable Bridge market at the HMS Symposium in October of 2022. HMS (Heavy Movable Structures) is the central organization supporting all things movable for Road, Rail and Waterway passage. Through this effort at the HMS Symposium and the activity by CCC & UI attendees this AMRR Lift Bridge Repair opportunity was brought to UI for review and consideration. Through several iterations of design discussions with the customer, Wholesale Electric (the Electrical Distributor), Koontz Electric (the Electrical Contractor), OCCI (the General Contractor) and Modjeski & Masters (the Engineering Firm) our designs were approved and the installation of our cables are expected in the 1st quarter of 2024.

Umbilicals International & Moveable Bridge Cables
Umbilicals International, a Champlain Cable Corporation company since April of 2021 has had umbilical cables as their core business. Among several cable market segments identified by CCC management that UI could participate in was the Moveable Bridge Cable market. This business is a long-term investment with projects identified in year 1 with actual cable opportunities typically being identified and placed for bid in year 2 or 3.
Components to entering this market were to re-purpose a few under-utilized pieces of process equipment, identify market activity and competition, engage UI personnel to help them understand what is required to participate in this market and bring knowledgeable people forward to actively pursue existing and future project-based opportunities. These objectives were implemented over the next 12-15 months with UI management, Field Sales personnel, UI Engineering staff, designated Rep. firms and other resources. Our presence at the Bi-Annual HMS Symposium has proven to be very successful with introducing CCC & UI to key engineering firms, general contractors, electrical contractors and DOT personnel all of whom are major influencers of project success. The Arkansas River Lift Bridge Repair represents the first success story of several projects being pursued by CCC/UI as we move through 2023 and beyond.

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