Champlain Cable wire and cable offers solutions for electric and hybrid vehiles

Champlain Cable has introduced a new high-voltage battery cable called EXRAD® ERGOFLEX.  The product brings ultimate flexibility to a cable that is also compliant to automotive industry standards such as ISO 6722-1, ISO-14572, ISO-19642 and also OEM standards.

EXRAD ERGOFLEX is a specially-developed irradiation cross linked polyolefin designed to bring performance attributes such as Flexibility, Thermal robustness, High voltage, Long operational life, Thin diameter, High Current capability, and other features in to one cable.

“This product development was born from a large US automotive OEM who had a problem with operator ergonomics and repetitive motion concerns caused by a stiffer cable,” said Richard Antic, Vice President of Business Development at Champlain.  “All of our EXRAD® battery cables are ‘flexible’, but flexible is in the eye of the beholder.  The industry needed something better and we designed this cable to meet that need.”

With a Class D 150°C temperature rating, and 600V or 1,000V capability, EXRAD ERGOFLEX joins Champlain’s family of Irradiation Cross-Linked vehicular products and is well-suited for ICE and EV/HEV applications.

EXRAD ERGO FLEX is designed mate well with connector seals.   Its excellent compression set properties allow it to expand and contract though thermal excursions and still maintain the connector seal, which is imperative to the safe operations on an electric powered vehicle.