Champlain Cable’s EXRAD® FXD Door Wire has been on the market for over 15 years and continues to offer best-in-class performance.

EXRAD® FXD is a high performance wire designed specifically for flexibility and long flex life.  This product is primarily used in cable tracks for minivan sliding doors, conventional doors and hatches, and joy-sticks used in commercial vehicles.  FXD has flex life up to 9 times longer than generic TXL and GXL wire, especially at temperatures below -20°C where many commercial wires begin to fail.

Champlain meticulously designed every aspect of this wire from the inside out:  the conductor, the strands, strand orientation, insulation material and also a number of proprietary processing techniques.  The result is a flexible wire uniquely suited for automotive flex applications, even in temperatures down to -70°C.

The FXD wire also has excellent high-temperature resistance and fluid resistance. Perfect for areas of a vehicle where thermal extremes or fluid exposure pose a threat.  And FXD is tough and durable, which ensures long-term performance and helps keep the wire harness safe and operational even with hundreds of thousands of flexes.

Richard Antic, Champlain’s VP of Business Development who worked on the team developing this product said, “This product was born from a field-failure that needed a long-term solution.  Champlain has the unique ability to couple our material chemistry with irradiation technology to do some remarkable things with wire insulation materials. This was a great project to work on.”

The EXRAD® FXD spec sheet can be found here: